Inspired by prehistoric times VirginGrip introduces this fantastic surface. Watching our shaper creating those master models he need to be as patient as our ancestors used to be producing their tools and weapons. It is not sharp surface, it is not easy one but you will feel better abrasion than with SOFTCORE surface and you will feel the rock in your fingers.

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-set

    Flints – Micro Samo I

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-set

    Flints – Small I

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  • Flints Medium I Climbing holds.

    Flints – Medium I

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  • Flints Medium II Climbing holds.

    Flints – Medium II

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  • Flints Medium III Climbing holds_

    Flints – Medium III

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  • Flint Large & Medium climbing holds

    Flints – Large & Medium I

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-The Smurf Hats .,

    Flints – The Smurf Hats

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