The infinite cycle. This is the expression which well describes this family of holds. The Ouroboros means limitless options for your boulder or your climbing wall. Vary it for as long as you like!

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  • Ouroboros set climbing holds

    Set Ouroboros

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Hold-Dividing top

    Ouroboros – Dividing

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set Ouroboros Endings

    Ouroboros Endings

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Hold-Middle big part

    Ouroboros Big Body

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-ouroburos_had top9

    Ouroboros Rounded Body

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Hold-Snake Body 1

    Ouroboros Body 1

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Hold-Snake Body 2 top

    Ouroboros Body 2

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