About VirginGrip

VirginGrip is a relatively young company founded in 2016 in the Czech Republic. We produce polyurethane climbing holds, epoxy laminates for indoor and outdoor use, and wooden structures. Recently, we also introduced the BLOCKids children’s climbing wall concept. We believe in innovation, long-term sustainability, and our own production. Our business partners are major brands known on four different continents. Welcome, new customers! We look forward to seeing you!

Our vision

Quality | Sustainability | Ecology

Develop and use environmentally friendly materials to produce the best products for sport climbing and thus become a globally recognized supplier.

Learn our story

VirginGrip production

We believe that climbing holds, wooden volumes, and fiberglass epoxy macros should always be of the highest quality. At VirginGrip, we use the best eco-friendly polyurethane. We produce the right level of surface friction for our products to ensure your satisfaction, and the long-life of our products is guaranteed.

We do it well

We use a modern casting machine to produce climbing holds in order to minimize risks. We use technologies from the aircraft industry to produce our fiberglass epoxy macros.

Our Team

Get to know us better. We’re here for you!

Tomáš Riese
/ CEO / Owner
Jarda Ježek
/ Shaper, co-founder of the company
Tomáš Skála
/ VirginGrip Production line operator
Lukáš Skála
/ Processing & dispatch
Lenka Riesová
/ Back office, logistics
Matěj Rambousek
/ BLOCKids Operational manager
Michael Jankulic
/ BLOCKids Production
Zuzana Horčíková
/ Expedition
Lukáš Balog
/ technical support
Kateřina Kudrmanová
/ Sales manager
Ivana Payerová
/ Marketing communications
Matěj Nypl
/ VirginGrip Operational manager
Ivana Pasecká
/ VirginGrip production



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