About VirginGrip

VirginGrip is a Czech company that is proud of its own production of top quality climbing products. We use only high quality materials and place high demands on the processing of the final products. Our product lines reflect not only market trends, but also our own idea of what climbing holds should look like.

We support each climber in reaching the top

Our goal at VirginGrip is to produce unique, yet environment friendly climbing holds, laminates and structures for climbers around the world, helping them reach the top. Let’s reach the top together!


VirginGrip’s story begins in 2016

At that time, its founders, climbers Jarda Ježek and Tomáš Riese, decided to start producing climbing holds in Tisá in northern Bohemia that would stand out for their quality and unique design. Our story continues and it can be your story too!

Ecological polyurethane and the allHOLDS association

On the way to long-term sustainable production of climbing holds, we started the development of ecological polyurethane in 2017 in cooperation with the German company Ebalta. As founding members, VirginGrip and Ebalta founded the European Association of Independent Polyurethane Grip Manufacturers allHOLDS in March 2019. By working together, we have developed a material that meets all the requirements for the production of climbing holds with long life and good durability. Our latest generation of polyurethane uses 40% renewable material. As a result, we have earned “Carbon neutral product” certification for our polyurethane.


A big trigger for us was the 1st place in the Innovation Company of the Ústí nad Labem Region in 2019, which VirginGrip won.

We won another major award in 2022 during the CBJ Grip Showcase in Salt Lake City, USA, in the Setter’s Choice category. Gus Meyers of The Front-Ogden wrote at the time: “setters love the shapes and functionality of VirginGrip holds and they look spectacular (great) on the wall. Congratulations on your inspiring shapes!”

Born in Tisá

Our brand, the effort to build it, the years of work and everything associated with it was born in Tisá. Sandstone boulders and towers in our area are known to the general climbing public. They are characterized by the traditional Saxon style of sandstone climbing.

The place where we live and the people we live with inspire us and are reflected in our products and philosophy.



Our Team

Get to know us better. We’re here for you!

Tomáš Riese
/ CEO / Owner
Jarda Ježek
/ Shaper, co-founder of the company
Lukáš Skála
/ Processing & dispatch
Lenka Riesová
/ Back office, logistics
Matěj Rambousek
/ BLOCKids Operational manager
Michael Jankulic
/ BLOCKids Production
Zuzana Horčíková
/ Expedition
Kateřina Kudrmanová
/ Sales manager
Ivana Payerová
/ Marketing communications
Matěj Nypl
/ VirginGrip Operational manager
Aleš Podivínský
/ Processing & dispatch
Ivana Pasecká
/ VirginGrip production


The company implemented the project 0380000396, VirginGrip Brand Image campaign, focused on a new brand identity, which was funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU.


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