Ella Adamovská
Winner of the World Cup in lead climbing

Basic line

Do you need good, solid holds for the vertical walls and the overhangs? Do you prefer positive jugs over super small competition crimps? This is where you will find any climbing holds still missing at home or on your climbing or bouldering wall!

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Pinocchio complete set of climbing holds.


Climbing holds

499 €


Climbing holds

589 €


Climbing holds

1390 €


Climbing holds

649 €
climbing holds basic line


Climbing holds

519 €


Climbing holds

499 €

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Basic style

The climbing holds in this category have the classic surface you are used to from most brands on the market. Nevertheless, you will be surprised by our special surface treatment, which gives our products much-needed surface friction and longer life!

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Depression line

Even if you grab these climbing holds many times, each time will be a little different. The special surface treatment of these climbing holds was inspired by the structure of the sandstone rocks in the Elbe Valley in The Czech Switzerland National Park.

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Flint line

The difference in our Flint line compared to our classic surface is quite clear. This slightly modified surface improves but also partially changes the friction, so you can test which of the surfaces of our climbing holds suits you best.

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