VirginGrip production

Thanks to our own production, we have things under control. We have been convinced of this since the beginning of our business. It’s a more complicated and time-consuming way to go. However, with the passage of time and the experience we have gained, we have clearly confirmed that this decision was the right one. We have been manufacturing climbing holds for you since 2016, and since February 2023 in modern premises with high production capacity.

100% In-house PU climbing holds production

From the model of the climbing hold (master), through the silicone mold, casting, grinding and shipping – all in our direction. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly implement the latest trends in climbing holds into production and determine ourselves what and when to present to our customers. No need to talk about quality – it’s a given!

VirginGrip Eco-friendly polyurethane

VirginGrip Eco-friendly polyurethane is very abrasion resistant and has many advantages over polyester in terms of sustainability, material savings, etc. We use up to 40% renewable raw materials in the final product and our polyurethane is certified „Carbon Neutral Product“! 

VirginGrip is a founding member of the allHOLDS association where we are working with other members such as BLOCZ, Allgäu Holds, holdingGrips to develop the next generation of this material.

Delivery time

We don’t work miracles, but we are always willing to help and accommodate our customers. Production planning is fully in our hands and if you really need a short delivery time, we are ready to find a solution. At standard prices, of course.

PU climbing holds + 19 colors

Our wide range of colours is a response to the needs of you, the customer. We offer basic and fluorescent colours identical to the market demand and other colours according to current trends. All pigments are always in stock. Our special VG Blue is timeless and unmissable.

Fiberglass macros

Without this product line, it is impossible to set the direction and be one of the best. After 18 months of development, we have our own technology to produce fiberglass structures. This allows us to successfully expand our Fighters and UFO series macros every year.

Wooden volumes

We pride ourselves on functional design that allows routesetters to be truly creative. The wooden structures are made from 18mm plywood. The finish of our structures is truly distinctive.

We support local production

We design all metal accessories – from small washers, screws, metal inserts to various safety elements – ourselves and our local partners provide the production.




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