Small dimples on this particular surface offer an incredibly wide range of: How to grab the holds. Fun and effective to climb with. No matter how different each time your fingers lay upon such grips feel. Believe it or not, the same joy remains!

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Depression Footholds top

    Depression – Footholds

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  • VirginGrip-Holds-Set-Depression Small I top

    Depression – Small I

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  • The Depression pinches climbing holds

    Depression Medium I

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  • The Depression Honeycombs I climbing holds __

    Depression Honeycombs I

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  • The Depression Honeycombs II climbing holds

    Depression Honeycombs II

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Depression - Big Spheres top

    Depression Big Spheres

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set- Depression Set of spheres top

    Depression – Set of Spheres

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  • Depression Large climbing holds

    Depression Large

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  • Depression Small Spheres

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