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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set Base Lines Maxi Slopers.

    BASE LINES – Maxi Slopers

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  • The Seashells Crimps climbing holds top view

    The Seashells Crimps

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  • The Depression Honeycombs II climbing holds

    Depression Honeycombs II

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-set Phalanx Distalis.

    Phalanx distalis II

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-The Scapula bones top#

    VirginGrip Bones – The Scapula Bones

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-The Half Skull top

    VirginGrip Bones – The Half Skull

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Hard Boiled Egg II top

    Hard Boiled Egg III

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Dual Grip #3 top 2

    Dual Grip #3 Hard Boiled Egg

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Hard Boiled Egg top

    Dual Grip #4 Hard Boiled Egg II

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Klettergriffe-von-VirginGrip-lezecké-chyty

    BLOCKies – The Children Climbing Holds

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-set Pyramids of Giza top

    Pyramids of Giza

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Pyramids of Giza, footholds

    Pyramids of Giza, accesory or footholds

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Depression large III

    Depression Large III

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds-Set-Caterpillar set top complete

    The Caterpillar Set

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  • climbing holds footholds

    The BonBon footholds

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  • VirginGrip-Climbing-Holds BonBon III

    The BonBon III

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  • Climbing holds VirginGrip set Dual Surface Deer Horn Knives TOP

    Deer Horn Knives

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  • VirginGrip Climbing Holds

    Crack Crab

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  • Climbing holds VirginGrip set Dual Surface Crack Formation TOP

    Crack Formation

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  • VirginGrip-wooden-volumes-Holzvolumen-von-VirginGrip-lezecké-struktury

    Space Breaker 2

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  • climbing wooden volume hold

    VirginGrip Twins

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  • Large Pyramid of Tisá climbing wooden volume _

    Pyramid of Tisá, large

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  • Flat Cut Cube wooden volume

    Flat Cut Cube

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  • VirginGrip-wooden-volumes-Holzvolumen-von-VirginGrip-lezecké-struktury

    Cut Cube

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